About Blicker

Blicker is the revolutionary Classroom Response System that uses Bluetooth Low Energy for student and teacher interaction.

Blicker is the result of evaluating the different classroom response solutions out there (eg. Plickers, Kahoot, PollEverywhere, clickers )in the market. There are many good classroom response system such as Plickers, kahoot, clickers etc. Blicker seeks to eliminate all their disadvantages and combining all their benefits.

True Anonymous Mode

Students feel safe in the true anonymous mode to response with their most genuine answer as there is no need for any account registration or login. Teachers will be able to view all consolidated response in bar charts.

Identity Mode

In the Identity mode, the teacher will be able to view individual student's response to the questions. The teacher can also hold a mini competition to award marks based on correct answers.

Competition Mode

In the competition mode, the teacher can assign students into different teams to compete against one another. Students generally enjoyed friendly competition especially if the teacher throws in some little prizes!

Automated Attendance

In the attendance mode, students can simply use Blicker to indicate their attendance. Their attendance together with the time they arrived will then be captured automatically and can be exported to an Excel file. No more disputes about arrival times with your students!

How Does Blicker Work?

Blicker uses the new Bluetooth Low Energy Standard which is also known as iBeacons.

There is no need for any pairing. You simply install the Blicker Student App and turn on your Bluetooth. And "TADA", your students can start interacting with the Blicker Teacher App. And because it is using the new BLE, the app actually consumes very little battery unlike the old traditional Bluetooth. The best part of Blicker is that there is no need for cumbersome bluetooth pairing. Everything just works magically!

Teacher vs Student

There are 2 different apps needed in order for the Blicker System to work. The teacher will download the Blicker Teacher App (Only for Windows 10 machine). The students will download the Blicker Student App depending on the devices that they will be using. Blicker Student is available on Apple ios, Android, Mac OS X, Windows 10, Windows phone 10.

  • Blicker is really cool to use. There's no need for sign up or anything. Just launch the app and I can start responding to my teacher's questions!


  • This is indeed a Teacher's Swiss army knife. My students simply love the competition mode and they will go crazy if I throw in a little prize!


  • I love Blicker. The fact that I only need to launch the app and select my choice. Super Easy!



We are sure you have many questions about Blicker. If you do not find your answer here, drop us an email and we will get back to you asap.

I am confused. There is Blicker Teacher and Blicker Student?

Blicker Teacher App is only available from the Windows 10 App Store and is meant to be used by the teacher. Blicker Student App is available from the Apple app store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Windows 10 mobile app Store and Apple Mac App Store. Blicker Student App is meant for the student to install on their mobile phone (ios, android, win10 mobile) and also on their notebook (win10, mac osX). We had made Blicker Student to be available on as many platforms as possible as we understand that students bring different gadgets to schools

Why the name "Blicker"

Clicker is the general term coined for classroom response device. Our clicker uses Bluetooth and we thought the name "Blicker" = "Bluetooth" + "Clicker" sums it up very well

Why use Bluetooth Low Energy?

Bluetooth Low Energy (aka BLE) uses very little energy and is friendly on Smartphone battery. BLE is also suitable as communications medium for a classroom or Lecture theatre setting. In today’s context, most if not all smartphone nowadays come equip with Bluetooth Low Energy. Also, as Bluetooth has a limited radius, students must be physically present (in the radius) to submit their responses.

Why is Internet not required or used?

One of the main purpose of Blicker is to eliminate the use of Internet. Other tools that uses the Internet often face challenges such as the responsiveness of the system and the cumbersome registering/logging in/logging off. The students would of course also required internet. Also, as registration and login is required, the sense of anonymity is undermined and students may not submit their most genuine response. Using Blicker in Anonymous mode gives the student the confidence that his response is totally anonymous. Another challenge face in using Internet is that students can be absent from the class but still being able to submit their response. Using Bluetooth eliminates this problem as the student must be physically in the class (Radius of up to 75m). Using Blicker to take attendance ensures that the student cannot be remotely logging in to update his attendance.

Why I cannot see any responses on my Blicker Teacher App on Windows 10

Blicker uses Bluetooth Low Energy or also known as Bluetooth 4.0. If you are sure that the Blicker Student App on iOS and Android is working fine but is still not receiving any responses, please check and make sure that the Bluetooth adapter on your Windows 10 machines version 4.0 or BLE. You can go to Device Manager in the Control Panel to discover the bluetooth version that you have (see pic below). If you can see the Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator, your win10 pc/laptop/tablet is able to use Blicker Teacher. If your computer is more than 3 years old, it is likely that it does not have Bluetooth 4.0. Therefore even though, you can run Blicker Teacher, you will not be able to receive the iBeacon signals from iOS and android

Why is my older Android smartphone not working?

The new Blicker Student App for Android (version 8.0 ) now supports any Android Smartphone running Lollipop and above. Older Android phone on KitKat or below however will not be able to install Android Blicker Student.
Therefore please make sure you are using the v13.0 Blicker Teacher on Windows 10 and v8 Blicker Student on Android

Also Blicker Student Android (version 8.0_ now comes with Internet support as we received a lot of feedback that certain Android Phones have Bluetooth problems. With the Internet support, Blicker Student Android will send the student response via Internet instead of using Bluetooth. Both the teacher and student must enable this secondary feature in the app. Blicker Student ios does not need this feature as the Bluetooth Low Energy feature is very stable in ios.

Why is my ios smartphone not working?

It will be rare that ios devices will not be able to run Blicker. Please make sure that Bluetooth is turn on. The hardware requirement is that the ios device must be iPhone 4s (and above), iPod 5th Gen (and above), iPad 3rd Generation (and above), iPad mini (and above). The ios device must run IOS 7 (or later)

It seems like there is quite a lot of setup to do. Are you sure Blicker is making things easier?

We are also educators and we know that the last thing we want to happen in class is to waste precious time away meddling with technology. This is the single main reason why we build Blicker. We want to use Technology to serve us in enhancing learning and teaching...and yet at the same time, the technology should be as seamless as possible. We can assured you that the only "hard-work" is done only once when you setup the class info, pictures and questions. There will be no need of any sign-up, logging in, handling of hardware clickers etc...

Since not every smartphone are supported, why not use hardware clickers to ensure everyone can use Blicker?

Using Hardware clicker does have its advantages but it also comes with many disadvantages as well. Cost is definitely one of them as well as maintenance. Students also has to pay for it if it was lost. Although certain Android (older ones) phones are not able to support Blicker, we have managed to put Blicker Student onto as many platform as possible. It is available on the ios smartphone as well as windows 10 phone. If your student also own a windows 10 laptop/tablet, you can also download and install Blicker Student into your machine. If you own a mac (10.9 or later), you can also find Blicker Student in the Mac App Store.

Is Blicker Teacher and Student free to use?

At this moment, Blicker Teacher and student are free to use. We are constantly adding new features to Blicker to make learning fun and interactive. Blicker is an Educational project developed by educators to help educators to better engage the learners. We hope to bring fun to learning and learning to fun!

How does the automated attendance taking works?

The teacher simply leave the Blicker Teacher on at the start of the class. Students who have arrived simply run the Blicker Student app and their time of arrival will be automatically recorded and displayed in Blicker Teacher. The teacher can also export the data into an Excel file.

How does the class competition mode works?

The teacher can split the class into 2, 3 or 4 teams. Each student who answers correctly will then contribute to his team overall score.

I saw many buttons in Blicker. What are they use for?

Again, we are educators ourselves and we take this opportunity to infuse features which we think are useful in a classroom. For example, the "Random" feature will enable the teacher to randomly allow Blicker to pick a student with effects like in a live-game show. Students will feel thrill and not blame the teacher for being bias.

The "Fastest Finger (coming soon)" feature will identify the first student that gets the question correct.

The "Timer" feature will have a count-down stop watch to put a time constraint and can creatively serve as a way to have a friendly competition within the class.

The "Team Challenge" feature can also be used to randomly schedule students for presentation so that all is fair and square! I use it all the time now to schedule my students for presentation and surprisingly ever since then, there is no more complaints about unfairness or bias-ness

The "Analytics (coming soon)" feature will help the teacher to keep track of individual student's performance. As educators, it is our responsibilities to make sure that most attention goes to the weakest student. Leave no one behind!

What are the future plans of Blicker?

It depends on how wide use Blicker will become. We hope to add in features like photo customizations, different types of questions, student's analytics etc. You can help Blicker by introducing them to your friends if you think it was fun using Blicker.

I saw a Blicker Teacher for ios. What is the different compare to Blicker Teacher on Win 10

Blicker Teacher on ios/android has very limited features. In fact, it can only record anonymous responses from students. It will soon be discontinued due to incompatibility with the new Android blicker student app. Please use Blicker Teacher on Windows 10

I have difficulty getting the sample data files from the app

No worries. You can download from here. Please remember that you ned to unzip this file. Included are the students data and images as well as a set of questions. Do modify them according to your needs

Why is Blicker Teacher not on Windows 7 or 8.

The ability of Bluetooth Low Energy is only available from Windows 10 onwards.

Will you develop Blicker Teacher on the Mac

Yes but we hope to first develop more features of Blicker Teacher on Windows 10. From survey, we also find out that more educators are on Windows Microsoft Platform.

I downloaded and ran both Blicker Student and Teacher on my win 10 machine but I cannot receive any response from the Blicker student

Bluetooth works in a way that it is unable to receive its own signal that it is sending out.You must run Blicker teacher and Blicker student on seperate machines.

Is there any instructions on how to use Blicker.

Click Here to access the tutorial. Also, when you install and run Blicker Teacher on Windows 10, there is a step by step instruction (+ sample data) to help you get started. If you still requires assistance, do drop us an email and we will try our best to help you get started.

Can another student "hijack" the BLE signal?

Technically yes in this Free version of Bluetooth. This will only pose as a real problem if you are using Blicker for summative assessment. Do write to us as we can offer you customize solutions to overcome this problem.

Can we customize Blicker student such as putting in our school logo or changing the design

Absolutely. Write to us and we can discuss further

Can you show us a diagram of how Blicker Teacher and Blicker student work together?

Our pleasure.

I love videos. Do you have a video to know more about Blicker

Me too. Click here to watch a video about Blicker


Everyone needs a hand once in awhile. But no worries! These tutorials will help get you going, but if you still need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

How to download the sample data and get started?

Launch Blicker Teacher Win 10 App. Make sure that Bluetooth on the computer is turned on. Select Identity Mode

Select the 'HELP' button and a big window will appear. Click on the "Download Zip Package" button

Extract the contents of the zip file onto a convenient location such as your computer desktop

The folder "Sample1" contains several jpeg files and 2 text files.

We will just load in the sample data and learn how to customize to your students later. In the "Identity Mode", Click on the "IMPORT" button.

Step 1 is to tell Blicker that you have the student images and does not want to use the default images. Select the "Yes, I have their photos" button

Step 2 is to tell Blicker where is the folder containing all the student images. Select the "Continue" button

A file browser dialog will appear and you should navigate to select the folder "sample1" (on the desktop)

Step 3 is to tell Blicker where is the text file containing all the student names and ID. Select the "Continue" button

A file browser dialog will appear and you should navigate to select the text file "class_with_real_photo.txt" which is in the "sample1" folder (on the desktop). Click "Open" to select the txt file.

If everything goes smoothly, the students and their images will be displayed in the Blicker Teacher App

How to customize the class list and the student photos

(Duplicate the sample1 folder) Open the file ""class_with_real_photo.txt".

You can simply change, add, remove the student names. There is no limit to the number of students. Some of the constraints are that the unique ID must not be greater than 65535 ,each ID must be unique and only numbers can be used. The ID and the student name must also be separated by the "|" symbol. Though some effort will be neded to create the student list and photos, these data can then be shared among other faculty members teaching the same set of students.

The individual photo name must matched the ID that you had used in the text file. For example, if you had used 885 as the unique ID for Johnson, then the picture of Johnson must be named as 885.jpg

How to use the Blicker Student App in the Anonymous Mode

Make sure Bluetooth on your smartphone is turned on. The default Channel for both the Blicker Teacher and Student App is Channel 1 (Must be the same) If another class is using Blicker, select a different channel for your class. Simply select one of the 4 different options. (If the "WITHHOLD" option is selected, the Blicker Student App will not transmit any Bluetooth signal). The bar charts in Blicker Teacher App (Anonymous Mode) should reflect the selected option

How to use the Blicker Student App in the Identity Mode

Tap on the "Anonymous" word at the top right. A small dialog window will open on your smartphone. Enter the corresponding ID of the student and press "Set Identity". Select one of the 4 options and the particular student with his selected options should appear blue in the Blicker Teacher App Identity Mode

How to import the Sample Question file into the Blicker Teacher App

Importing the question file is similar to importing the student file. In either the "Anonymous Mode" or the "Identity Mode", select the "Import Questions" button. Browse to the sample Question file found in the "Sample1" folder.

How to customize the Questions

Open the Question text file. Change the questions/options/answers accordingly. Make sure you do not exceed a maximum of 10 questions and the structure of the text must be maintained


We would love to hear your feedback about Blicker. Pls chat with us or send us an email if we are offline